Patrick Bruks has been teaching the Ten Basic Questions to attorneys, business people, and students for a number of years. Below are just a few of the great things people have said about Pat’s teaching and the Ten Basic Questions.


I’ve attended many CLE programs over the years. The Basic Questions for Analyzing Any Contract presentation was one of the best and most useful I’ve ever seen.

Most practical course I have ever taken.

His method was flawless…

This was the most valuable course that I took at DePaul.

I actually felt as though I was getting my money’s worth.

I felt that Professor Bruks’ teaching objectives were more practical and job-focused; the point was not to learn about case law or doctrinal analysis… but to have… a framework from which to [analyze] mergers/acquisition deals in the real world

Class was interesting and examples we worked through were engaging.

Had fun, learned a lot…


Thanks Professor…I really enjoyed your class, one of the best I’ve taken.

I was very excited to be able to register for that class and my expectations were fulfilled way beyond what I would have imagined.

Just wanted say thanks again for a great semester. Not only did I learn a lot, but I am actually now using some of it at my start-up company as we are negotiating with venture capitalist; the 10 Basic Questions are really helping me break-down these complicated investment agreements. Thanks again for a great semester.

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I enjoyed your course. I feel like I will certainly use the 10 basic questions and your method for valuation throughout my professional career.

I feel that this course taught very practical knowledge. It has provided me with a framework for analyzing transactions that goes far beyond just mergers and acquisitions.

Professor Bruks’ enthusiasm for the material showed in his teaching style. It was very helpful and encouraging.



Professor Bruks is an outstanding professor who manages to engage actively all students and to provide a practical perspective on the material.

Professor Bruks made a challenging and poorly understood area of transactional law accessible through practical examples and exercises. His practical, process driven approach will benefit me when working on transactional matters at the office.

The course materials focused on practical issues in M&A law. I wish I had taken this class earlier. The 10 basic questions helped me understand general contract law.

Professor Bruks brings a great approach to this class. As a practicing M&A attorney, his theory on mergers and acquisitions that he taught us was educational and very practical. While this class does not have any texts, the format in which he teaches is very helpful. I thought it was a great format in which to learn how mergers and acquisitions are actually done in the work place.

Professor Bruks is a great addition to the DePaul faculty. He brings real life experience to class, which stimulates interest and fosters the learning curve in the class.

I really enjoyed attending [Professor Bruks’] class every week and, more than any class I have taken, your class prepared me to work as a transactional attorney. Everything I learned in [Professor Bruks’] class has been very helpful in analyzing transactions, even though the work is not specifically focused on M&A. I hope for DePaul’s sake that you continue to teach that class in the future, you are a big asset to the law school.

More than any other class, Professor Bruks’ M&A class provided me with practical processes for analysis that will be very helpful in practice.
Your class was by far the most beneficial of all my law school classes. Thanks again!


Professor Bruks is a brilliant attorney and amazing professor.

He has an excellent grasp & command of the material & it is obvious he has spent a considerable amount of time refining the course. The result is a course that is clear, engaging, & practical.

His practical knowledge of the subject matter and teaching method should be followed by most other professors.

A great course taught by a wonderful teacher. The course teaches you a method of dealing with anytime of transaction whether asset, stock, or merger. You are taught from both sides of the equation. Sometimes as buyer and sometimes as seller.

This course teaches a thought provoking and intellectual method of taking apart any deal and making it manageable.
I really liked this course because what we learned was very practical – having assignments that applied practical skills (term notes, purchase agreements, valuation charts, etc.).

This instructor had a different teaching style than many of the traditional law professors, probably because he is a practitioner. It is a great course taught by a wonderful professor.

Although it is not taught the same way a typical law school class is taught (through cases), it is taught through analysis method, which I think has a better way of teaching. Also through this method you actually come out with something substantial, versus a typical law school class that you only learn general cases, which may not even apply to your jurisdiction.

After this class you should be able to tackle any business transaction, sale or buy or merger, and have a way of analyzing the deal for your client. The course highlights key terms and provision that you should ask for, and provides a systematic method to go through the easiest to the hardest transactions.


2009 – 2010

Professor Bruks was professional and knowledgeable as well as entertaining.

Outstanding course – one of the best I have ever taken.

Excellent professor – one of the best I have ever learned from.

This is one of the most practical courses offered for any student interested in corporate transactional work. The course is structured to allow us to think about real life situations as opposed to philosophy of corporate law.

This is a truly beneficial class- one of the best I’ve taken when it comes to actually preparing me for practice. I liked not having a book and instead practicing with real world scenarios…

Excellent professor; funny and approachable without being unprofessional. Clear expectations and understandable presentation of often complex ideas. One of the classes in which student participation was most heavily relied on AND one of the few in which every student seemed to genuinely enjoy participating, rather than fearing or disliking it.

He taught us how to be attorneys rather than just analyzing black letter and case law. The class was fun and educational- Professor Bruks made it that way and I’d highly recommend him to other students.

Professor Bruks was very enthusiastic and well prepared for every class.

I looked forward to [Professor Bruks’] course each week, and will be disappointed when it is over. Professor Bruks is a perfect example of why adjunct professors add so much value and why I think DePaul should encourage more adjunct professor positions – it combines real-world experience with a no-nonsense approach to class.

I would take anything [Professor Bruks] taught.


I think the Professor Bruks has an incredibly engaging personality and encourages student participation and it makes the class time fly by.

Professor Bruks had a very practical approach to M&A. I almost felt like I was in an MBA program.

[Professor Bruks’ class] was very practical, I felt like could go out and do an M&A deal after completing the course.

Professor Bruks has a unique style to teaching that I have yet to see replicated across the organization. While unconventional…

[Professor Bruks’] methodology allows for greater retention down the road. I really enjoyed this class.

Very well presented – focused on practical aspects of transactions.

This M&A class is extremely relevant to the work I currently do and found its insights very helpful

I thought that the teaching method was effective and almost enjoyable.

Professor Bruks was very helpful if you had questions about the material or the class discussion. He broke everything down to help you better understand things and the handouts are incredibly helpful.

He has a wonderful personality which he lets shine through in class, which is refreshing – especially for a night class when most people just want to go home. Overall, I liked him and the class. I would definitely recommend it to a friend considering taking it.

Depending on what the exam covers relative to what we learned in class, I would say that he covered a lot of material and emphasized process rather than memorization of cases and facts, which I can appreciate.


[Professor Bruks] was fantastic. One of the best that I have had at DePaul.

Professor Bruks evidenced true enthusiasm for teaching this class and mastery of the issues presented. There was not a question posed throughout the semester that he could not timely answer.

[Professor Bruks] is able to explain the course material very well and synthesize the information learned each week into a couple of basic frameworks that make understanding the course material as simple as knowing the meaning of 10 basic questions.

I truly think that this is one of the most important courses that any student should take at DePaul, not just for M&A knowledge, but for the knowledge of how to write a contract.

[Professor Bruks] brought in real world materials to assist in the presentation.

Without exception, this is the most useful class I have taken at DePaul. The professor has provided great examples of M&A contracts that the class worked through in order to understand each component and the purpose as it related to 10 basic questions of an M&A contract.
Thank you professor for a wonderful class.