We offer a series of fun, fast-paced and interactive seminars in which we teach and demonstrate our universal process for analyzing any contract using Ten and only Ten Basic Questions™.

Our seminars:

  • Can range in length from one hour to three days depending on your goals.
  • Can be held on site at your location or at our offices, at your convenience.
  • Can be conducted in small or large groups.
  • Are customized to your particular area of interest.

Our seminars are typically structured as follows: first, we establish the Ten Basic Questions; second, we prove the validity of the Ten Basic Questions and our process; third, we discuss and examine the various answers to each of the Ten Basic Questions; and fourth, the seminar attendees apply the Ten Basic Questions and our process to analyze and negotiate a number of case studies. The case studies are based on the attendees’ particular field of interests.


In our commitment to providing exceptional professional development and training, we go beyond just a typical “100% satisfaction guaranty.” We guaranty that our seminar will be “One of the Best Seminars that you Have Ever Attended” or your money back.